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Marcell in Action

Welcome to Marcell's Music Web Page!



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21th till 27th of August ( see whats New !!! )

Hello !!! I made this side especially for you , so you can get all the info you need from this site , also pictures ect.... enjoy !!!   PS , if you often visit my site , you'll see i'm constantly updating with new pictures and stuff .

First of all , if you think about me as a normal Singer Songwrither who play's mostly Ballads and Easy listening songs ( with all respect offcours ) , WELL FORGET IT !!! , my motto is , turn the place UPSIDE DOWN , and give the people the unforgettable night they deserve after the daily hard labour !!! agree ??? , then you can go on visit my site , Marcell

Bio :

"Marcell Ac Guitar & Vocals"

Life is beautifull if you are familiar with the Sound and Songs of Marcell , brought to you in Flame and Fire , they go from Sing Along to Beautifull ballads , and own stuff , the virtuosity of playing the Martin D16 acoustic Guitar , brings you chicken skin , but dont worry , its going away !!! The Voice is my own , ruff and sexy !!!

I play every where , also in foreign  country's .

The style is fitting anywhere , for young and older , from Restaurant till Festival , Birtday , Married , Pub , Cafe , Street animation , BBQ , Yought center ect... you name it , i'll play it . 

Ask for my cobinations with other musicians 1,2or3 ......!!!

Short Life Bio :

Marcell ;

Born 15/03/1956 in a small town in Belgum ( Zwevezele ) , first guitar when i was 12 years old , severall bands untill i was 25 , all styles of music , big influences from the Blues and Rock , i started to sing  when i was 30 , from this day everything took another direction for me , first i was a Guitar player , and suddenly , i was a Singer and a Guitar player , that was something diffrent , years before i was forbidden to sing , hahahaha , now they ask me how i do it , so here i am ready to give the people an onforgettable night , NO PARTY WITHOUT LIVE MUSIC !!!

Picture from My Reaggea influence , on a party somewhere

Musicians i played with :

List is to long !

Bands i've started up

Blue Link , Cold Feeling , Jim Walker , The Blue Snakes , Red Rooster , Marcell & Friends , and last but not least " Marcell Ac Guitar & Vocals" my One Man Band , sounds great !!!

Marcell with big names on stage :

Carey Bell , Tony O'Malley , Tom Principato , Rudolf Shenker , Memo Gonzales , Monster Mike Welsch , Mel Turner , Roland Vancampenhout , The Blik Dooze Band , Rik Schrauwen ect....

My equipment :

Martin D16 GTE Guitar // HK Dart powered speakers 2 // Mackie 350 Monitor // Digital Mix tabel with Effect // Seihnheiser 945 E serie // two pedals i dont tell you about !!!